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How to Do a Layered Curly Cut at Home?

How to Do a Layered Curly Cut at Home: If your curly hair is looking a little flat then adding up the layers into them will not make your curls more defined but will also give them more volume and bounce which you want. If you are willing to save your money but don’t want to visit any salon then you will be at the right place. Here we are going to tell you the steps which help you to give yourself a curly cut that looks so professional. 

How to Do a Layered Curly Cut at Home?


How to Do a Layered Curly Cut at Home?

If you really want to get a layered curly cut without visiting the salon then you can follow this guide to get a layered curly cut at home.

  • Wash, Condition, and Detangle Your Hair

You need to ensure that your is knot-free. Before you start, you have to hop into the shower and then simply shampoo and condition your hair properly. You can use your fingers or the wide-tooth comb to simply detangle your hair to make them smooth and frizz-free. 

  • Dry Your Hair

Cutting up the curly hair is quite easy when they are dry. You need to let your hair dry or use the diffuser attachment on the hair dryer. You need to cut the curly hair when they are dry and not wet as much as you can see what the final cut looks like immediately. Also, dry hair mainly tends to be shorter as compared to wet hair. 

  • Divide Your Hair Into 3 Sections

You need to section your hair to simply make it easy to trim properly. You have to section the top half of the hair from the ears and then pull that hair in a ponytail above the forehead. Then, you need to partition the remaining gair down into 2 separate sections. You can also use the comb to simply part your hair to ensure that every section is even.

  • Angel Your Hair Up While Grasping It Between 2 Fingers

You have to start with the front section and angle it in front of you. Use the first two fingers and then grab the front section of the hair at the base. Then, you are required to slide your fingers up to the length. You have to stop sliding your finger when you reach the point where you are willing to cut. 

  • Cut The Hair Off Above Your Fingers

Use the hair-cutting scissors to snip off the end of the hair carefully. Make sure to use the sharp hair-cutting scissor in terms to avoid raggedy ends. You have to keep your finger and use your free hand to gently snip the hair. Now, you need to angle your scissors parallel to your hair and then simply cut them into your hair to thin the end out. 

  • Snip 1 to 3 in Off Od a Back Section

You need to unclip one of the back sections and then simply trim the end. Simply pull the hair straight when you are cutting the first section. You have to use the first section as the guide to simply know how much hair to trim and then hold up both of the pieces of the hair next to each other and then you have to cut off the new section which is in the same length as earlier. 

  • Lift and Cut The Last Section In The Same Way

Bring up every section up and forward to the imaginary point which is above your head before cutting. The hair on the bottom of the head has further to travel when they are lifted to your head and it ends up being longer than the hair at the top of your head. 

  • Finish Your Cut By Trimming Any Areas That Stick Out

Use your scissors to cut out the curls which look so uneven. When you are done cutting the basic layer then simply let your hair fall naturally around the head. The overall shape of the hair will be fairly even and also symmetrical as well. 

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Final Verdict

So, by following this detailed guide, you can be able to understand the complete process of how to do a layered curly cut at home. If this article is helpful and useful for you then do share this article with others so that they can be able to take the benefit from this article. 

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