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How To Cover Green Hair? [Proven Methods 2023]

How to Cover Green Hair? Green hair is mainly considered the pinnacle of experimentation in the hair color world. But the question is what to do if they get turned to be too much little. So, here in this article, we will discuss the bases along with some tips about what color to dye green hair!

Some of the things are eye-catching and memorable as the emerald head of the hair. The issue mainly takes place when you decide to get some change into your look again and also to get back to the natural roots as well. 

How Do You Get Rid of Green Hair?


How To Cover Green Hair?

Some of the colors will mainly clash and make you look worse. So, what about the color which will work together in a proper manner? Here in this article, we will simply outline some of the base shades which help you to cover the green hair. 

What Colors Will Cover Green Hair?

  • Blue: Midnight blue, pastel shades, or electric blue. 
  • Purple: Burgundy, lavender, and maroon. 
  • Orange: Ginger and copper. 
  • Brown: Ash brown, chocolate brown, and mahogany. 
  • Red: Auburn, rich red, and cherry. 

What is Green Hair?

Green hair color which is the color of envy. The shade is a testament to your hair’s experimental nature an also willing to step out of the box. It is one of the remarkable hues which gives you an invigorated feel and also makes you feel powerful and confident. 

Green hair is one of the colors which is in trend on Instagram and lots of people are dabbling with it these days. Green hair will easily get achieved by simply dyeing the hair with several types of shades of green hair dye or by temporary methods like hair make-up, chalk, and pastel powders. 

What Color Should You Dye Over Green Hair?

When we talk about getting rid of the green hair then life will become so tricky. Green hair is one of the colors which will take the commitment and when it is in your hair then it is really tough to remove. As like blue hair, mainly if you are having dark green hair. The good thing is that you can be able to cover the green hues with the help of other hair dye colors. 

It means that these colors will counteract each other and also get rid of all the unwanted tones in your hair. It is the basic principle of the color theory. 

Can I Cancel Out Green Hair At Home?

There are some home remedies that you can simply try to get off unwanted green hair. 

Ketchup For Green Hair? Yes, Really!

One of the popular methods to get rid of green hair is to use ketchup. It is having vitamin C which will simply help you to break down the molecules into your dye and also fade the color. You need to massage the ketchup into your hair and leave it for two hours before rinsing off with warm water. You need to know that this method is not reliable and also it may cause damage to your hair if you do it too often. 

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