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How to Dye Blonde Hair Black?

How to Dye Blonde Hair Black: Dyeing the hair black is quite simple and easy and you don’t need to worry about bleaching. On the basis of the selected shade, you can be able to have the natural look or also the gothic look as well. It may be tricky to get the best shade but by using the right technique, you can simply be able to ensure that your hair looks perfect as per your wish. 

How to Dye Blonde Hair Black?


How to Dye Blonde Hair Black?

If you are confused about the process of how to dye blonde hair black then don’t worry about it. Here in this guide, we come up with all the steps and processes which you need to follow to get the perfect look.

Part 1: Choosing and Preparing the Dye

First of all, you have to select a soft black if you are willing to get a natural look. A soft black looks darker brown as compared the real black mainly if you have a piece of black clothing. It is one of the safest colors, to begin with. If you are willing your hair to be darker then you can simply dye it darker later on. 

Part 2: Try A Deep Black If You’d Prefer A Gothic Look

This black will look unnatural mainly if your skin is fair. Some of the deep black will mainly include the tint of different colors like blue or purple. They seem black under the lights and in the sunlight, they may look blueish or purplish. If you are not sure how the color will look upon you then you need to head over to the wig shop and then try some wigs of that particular color. 

Part 3: Pick Up Dye and Volume 10 Developer If You Are Not Using a Boxed Kit

If you bought a dye kit then it will have mostly everything which you need like the dye, condition, gloves, and much more. Otherwise, you may need a tube of dye and also a bottle of 10-volume developer as well. You also need to get gloves, a tinting brush, and also a non-metal bowl as well. 

Part 4: Prepare Your Dye According To The Instructions If You Are Using a Kit

Most of the kits will come up with the instructions but if you don’t have then don’t worry about it. You need to simply pour some dye into the large bottle which is having the developer. Now, close the developer bottle and then simply shake it to simply mix the due. Then. cut off the plug at the tip of the bottle. 

Part 5: Mix The Dye and Developer In A Non-Metal Bowl If You Aren’t Using a Kit

You have to pour the 10-volume developer to simply saturate your hair into the non-metal bowl. Simply add an equal amount of dye and then stir the 2 ingredients together with the non-metal spoon or the tinting brush. You have to keep stirring it until the color becomes consistent and doesn’t have any streaks. 

Part 6: Add A Protein Filler To The Dye If You Have Bleached Hair

You are required to apply the protein filler as when you bleach your hair then you strip it of pigment. It means that if you are trying to dye your hair then the color will become patchy or create the wrong color. In some cases, it may end up becoming greenish. 

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Final Verdict

So, by following this detailed guide, it may become clear to you all how to dye blonde hair black. We hope that this detailed guide will become helpful for you to know the solution to your query. If yes then do share this article with others so that they can be able to take the benefits from this article. 

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