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Half Green Half Black Hair – Methods to Get This Look

Half Green Half Black Hair – Maybe you are dying to try the latest hair trend but you don’t have any idea about where to start? Black and green hair is one of the bold looks which will be intimidating at the very first glance.

We break down mostly everything which you are required to know about this gorgeous trend so that you can be able to find out your perfect shade without any issue. 

Half Green Half Black Hair

Half Green Half Black Hair

We will guide you through all the ins and outs of the daring look so that you can start it today. It is a tip to maintain color vibrancy or about what color will suit you best and we have got all the details here in one place. 

What Is Half Green Half Black Hair?

The stand-out look is the bold, loud statement and it is all over your head and heart this year thanks to the songstress Billie Elish likes. We would love it due to the contrasting hues which make a strong feminine color combination. 

It is also versatile and they can get paired with the bold makeup for the all-out punk look and also look so stunning when they become softer and lighter. This hair color combo is one of the ultimate ways to simply express your individuality. 

The green hair dye will mainly get used for this look which is generally neon or pastel and depending upon the hairstyle which you are going for you can also be able to try anything from the smokey to the solid black hair dye. 

Generally, the combination of these two colors will create a rich, intense look that needs attention. It is perfect if you are looking to simply stand out from the crowd. We suggest you save pennies for the trip to the hairdresser so that you will be able to get it done as they will require you to get matched up with the colors to the things like your skin tone and also your eye color as well. 

One of the things which you need to know is that it is not an experimental style and both the black and green hair dyes are generally tough to get rid of. So, you are required to be ready for the commitment. 

Does Half Green Half Black Hair Go Together?

Yes, it seems a perfect method to simply express your love for the color contrast. Black and green hair mainly gets used to being highly associated with Halloween but this year, these shades are popping up on the runway and in Chanel’s autumn or winter collection where it is simply worn by the model’s catwalk. 

It mainly works great when you have light to medium skin tone and dark hair. Don’t worry if you are having a brown or blonde look, the color will still seem great on you. Green is one of the complementary colors to black which simply depends upon the shade which you select. 

Here we are going to share some of the examples of different shades to simply give you an idea:

  • Lime Green: It is one of the deep neon shades which will go perfect with jet black hair and if your hair is dark brown or black. 
  • Emerald Green: It is one of the rich blue colors which generally make your hair pop. It doesn’t matter what color it is. 
  • Light Green: If you are searching for a subtle method to simply introduce the color into your look then light green is one of the perfect shades for you. This mid-green will provide you with the eternal look for the summertime. 
  • Fern Green: The brighter version of this pastel tone is perfect to wear during the day. If you are searching for a subtle method to introduce the color into your look then give it a try. 

The funny thing about these shades is that they will go great with anything. 

Will Half Green Half Black Hair Suit Me?

If you wonder whether these hues will suit you or not then it is all into the hair dye tones which you have selected. If you are having a cool skin tone then you need to go for green or brown eyes, fair skin, and light hair. This look mainly works in your favor. 

Also, if you are having a warm skin tone then you need to think of the golden skin tone, hazel or brown eye, and also the dirty blonde hair. The black will make your look washed out and it is really great to simply go for the strong shade of this color combination in terms to make it great for you. 

If you are not sure and can’t imagine what your hair looks like as a combo of the black and green then simply think about the color wheel and selecting two colors that are mainly opposite to each other is the perfect option. 

These mainly include the blue and orange, red and green, yellow and violet but any of the combinations will do as they contrast. Black and white and black and red hair are the alternative combos only if you are not sure that green is best for you. 

If you don’t know what color undertones you have then simply have a look at our checklist. 

If You Have Cool Undertones:

  • Your skin tone is pink or pale. 
  • You will blush easily. 
  • Jewel and pastel colors are your thing. 
  • The yellow color washes you out and doesn’t look good on your face. 
  • You need to have blue and need to avoid green veins in your wrist. 
  • Pearls and silver jewelry seem so great on you. 

If You Have Warm Undertones:

  • You need to have red or golden tones on your natural hair. 
  • Your skin tone needs to be golden, tan, or olive. 
  • You may have freckles. 
  • You need to have green, not blue veins, on your wrist. 
  • You suit bright or the rich shades great. 
  • The gold jewelry seems so great on you. 

If you are not sure which color suits you then simply take our quiz. Simply answer some quick questions and you can simply apply this color theory to your hair and your wardrobe and your life as well. 

How Do I Get Black and Green Hair?

To be able to get this look on the point all will completely depend on the color of your hair and your base color. These shades will simply show the best bleached blonde hair and you need to ensure that your base is light as possible before applying the dye. 

  • If you have light hair then it will be easy for you to dye it with the hot colors, also, you need to lighten your hair with bleach if you are willing to for the neon or the pastel green shades. 
  • If you have dark hair then you can still be able to do it but you have to lift the color to get the exact green. 
  • If your hair is already dyed then you need to start by bleaching them to simply get rid of any of the previous colors so that you can make a fresh start. You can’t be able to light the color with color. 

When you are having your base color then you need to select the green and black hair dye. We suggest you select a shade that is not too out there for the first try. If it goes wrong then you don’t need to be left with the alien-like hue. 

If you are willing to try this at your home by using a dye box then you need to ensure to look at the color chart on the side of the box in terms to match it to your base color.

What Hairstyles Suit Black and Green Hair?

The black ombre technique is one of the best and also the stunning method to simply wear these different colors. It means shading which generally seems the intermediate shade in between the two other tones and it may be done by using the lightened or the darkened layer from the tip to the root. The result will provide you with something which is having depth without being too dark and if you want some highlights but don’t know about it as much. 

How Long Will Black and Green Hair Last?

The bad thing is that they are not as easy to keep. Also, they mainly last for a long time in your hair and these colors will fade quickly and mainly the greens which require the toning to simply stop them from fading to yellow. 

It is vital to simply invest in some conditioner shampoos for the colored hair and also good to simply use cool water to rinse. Also, make sure to not wash yours more than 2 or 3 times in a week. Always use a good deep conditioner once a week to simply keep your strands supple and also to lock in your color. 

How Often Should I Dye My Black and Green Hair?

Basically, this look doesn’t need any maintenance. If you are thinking of trying this look for yourself then here are some of the things which you need to keep in mind. 

If you are using a semi-permanent hair dye then you can mainly expect your color to simply last for 6 to 8 washes. 

Also, if you are using a permanent hair dye then it can last for 8 to 12 washes before you need to think about dyeing them again. 

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Final Verdict:

There are lots of methods to get this trend but the thing is to find out your perfect hair color match as Half Green Half Black Hair. If you want to dye all your hair black and green or the side bangs then we provide you with all the details which you need to know to make it happen easily.

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