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Why Do Hairdressers Hate Box Dye?

We know that you are in need of a hair color refresh but don’t have the time and money to make it into the salon.

So, you need to go to the drugstore and then simply pick up a box of hair color and simply do it yourself at your home.

Why Do Hairdressers Hate Box Dye?

Why Do Hairdressers Hate Box Dye

Here is why hairdressers hate box dye and what you can do is simply avoid making their list of hair color no-nos. 

What is Box Dye?

Box dye is one type of hair color that you can be able to buy from the drugstore or the beauty supply store. It mainly comes up in a kit with all the requirements of the color of your hair at home, like your colorant, developer, gloves, and instructions. 

They are quite less expensive as compared to the salon hair color and they are simple methods to simply color your hair at your home. The box dyes are so tricky to use and it is essential to follow the instructions carefully simply. If you are not careful then you can simply end up with the uneven color of the damaged hair. 

They are cheap for that reason and they are having low-quality ingredients such as ammonia, PPDs, metallic slats and also unfiltered henna, and some other harsh chemicals. These stain your hair and may cause a reaction on your sensitive skin and allergies as well. They can also be easy to fix from time to time if you know what you are doing. 

Why Do Hairdressers Hate Box Dye?

Let’s begin with the most obvious reason why hairdressers hate boxes due and the results are rarely what you expect them to be. Have you ever seen those pictures on the side of the hair color box and thought “Hey, that could be me!” to find out that it is not close? 

This is because these models generally have the pro stylists who are doing their hair and not the same random person in a factory churning out which produced the mass hair color. 

If you get over the fact that your home color will not look the same as the pictures on the box and there are big issues and it will end up damaging the hair color. This is because most of the DIY hair dyes have harsh chemicals which strip your strands of the natural oils and simply leave them dry and brittle as well. If you ever deal with a bad dye job then you know that it will take weeks to simply repair the damage. 

Top 3 Reasons Why Hairdressers Hate Box Dye

  • It’s Not One Size Fits All

The things related to hair color are that it is not one size that fits all and there are lots of variables to consider, from your natural shade to the present condition of your hair to your desired outcome. A professional colorist will take all these factors into an account at the time of creating the custom blend for their customers. When you buy a box of dye then you will get a one-size-fits-all solution that may not be suitable for your particular needs. 

  • It’s Damaging To Your Hair

Boxed dye is so harsher on the hair as compared to the professional color. Also, the chemicals are potent and they will cause serious damage if you use them in the wrong manner. Also, if you follow the instructions in the letter then you are likely to end up with dry, brittle hair which is tough to style and if you are willing to avoid damaging your hair then it is really good to leave the dyeing to the professionals. 

  • The Results Are Never As Good As You Hoped

If you avoid damaging your hair then the chances are that the result will not be as good as you think. It is because getting the perfect color is so complicated as compared to selecting a shade from the swatch book. A professional colorist has lots of experience and knows how to mix the shades to create the best hue for every particular customer. Also, they know how to apply the color so that it seems natural and flattering. When you try to do it yourself then it is simple to end up with an unnatural-looking shade that doesn’t suit you. 

Why is Box Dye Different From Salon Hair Dye?

One of the main differences between the box due and salon color is the quality of the ingredients. Salon color is mainly made up high-quality of ingredients and doesn’t have the same harsh chemicals which will damage your hair. Also, it is richer and highly pigmented so that the color will last for a long. It is also mixed up with fresh for every customer so that you can know that you’re getting a custom blend that is tailored to your particular needs. 

Hair colorists have access to a huge range of colors which you will be able to find in the stores. They are experts at mixing up the colors and adding multidimensional effects such as highlights and lowlights which suit your skin tone and style as well. 

When you buy a box of dye then you will get a one-size-fits-all solution which may not be good for your hair and can also cause damage and the results are good as you think. On the other hand, box dye is easier to use at home and it is one of the best options if you are on a budget. 

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So, this is why do hairdressers hate box dye. Nowadays, there are lots of best hair color products and techniques which are available in the salon.

So, why settle for a subpar box dye job when you get the fabulous, long-lasting color which will custom tailor your hair? If you are searching for the best possible results then it is really worth splurging on a professional salon colorist. 

Also, if you are on a budget and looking for a quick and simple solution then box dye is the best option for you. Simply ensure to do research so that you can be able to find out a quality product that will not damage your hair.

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