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How to Remove Black Hair Dye Without Damaging Your Hair?

Remove Black Hair Dye Without Damaging Your Hair: Whether you are dyeing your hair for many years or are willing to try it for the very first time, there is a time when you are all set for a change. Black dye is one of the toughest colors to get but doesn’t worry as with some time and patience, you will be able to work on fading it slowly to simply remove your color without getting damaged.

How to Remove Black Hair Dye Without Damaging Your Hair?


Remove Black Hair Dye Without Damaging Your Hair

You need to read this article till the end to get some of the methods which you can treat and repair your hair at the time of process to cut down on dryness and breakage. So, read and follow the methods which we are sharing below carefully. 

Method 1: Wash Your Hair With A Clarifying Shampoo

You have to pick up a shampoo that says clarifying on the bottle. You have to wash your hair normally and scrub the shampoo in your locks and then rise them with hot water. Clarifying shampoo will not pull out the color but it will fade it a little. 

  • Hot water will help to open the hair follicles and strip out more dye. 
  • If you are willing to try the other method to remove color then it is really good to begin with the clarifying shampoo. It is gentle on your hair and it also helps you to remove the top layer of dye as well. 
  • You can also be able to use the clarifying shampoo but it is really good to give some rest to your hair between the washes as it can be drying. 

Method 2: Scrub Your Hair With Dish Soap If You Just Dyed It

This method will work really great on freshly dyed hair and you have to try this once if you try out the black dye. You need to wet your hair in the shower and then rub the dish soap on the locks. You have to rinse it with warm water to simply pull out the excess color from your hair. 

  • This method will work to rinse out the dye which doesn’t manage to penetrate the hair strands and it will only work once. 
  • Washing your hair with dish soap will cause some dryness and you have to use a conditioner after this. 

Method 3: Try a Color Remover

These products will simply open up your hair cuticle and also break down the color molecules as well. You have to pick up the color remover from the local store or from the beauty supply store. You need to follow the application instructions which appear on the box. The color remover may not help you to get rid of all the black dye but it helps you to get the most out of it. Use this product once to avoid damage as it can be a little drying. 

  • As color remover will target the color molecules in your hair and it will not damage the natural hair or lighten up the natural color as well. 
  • Color remover products will work really great on the hair which was dyed recently. 

Method 4: Use a Baking Soda Paste

Baking soda will; help to rub out the color molecules as it is abrasive. This method will work really great on the demi and semi-permanent hair dyes and it is also effective if you dye your hair recently. In terms to use the baking soda in your hair, you have to mix up the equal parts of the baking soda and also the anti-dandruff or the clarifying shampoo together. Simply spread the paste on the dyed hair and then let it sit for approx. 20 minutes before rinsing. 

  • If you don’t have the anti-dandruff shampoo then you can also be able to use dish soap as well. 
  • You need to try to do this once a day for 3 days to simply fade your black dye in a fast manner. 
  • You have to follow the deep conditioner as this method will make your hair feel dry. 

Method 5: Mix Vitamin C Powder With Your Own Shampoo

It is one of the acidic compounds which will dissolve the color molecules in your hair. You have to head to your local health store and then simply pick up the vitamin C tablets and then crush 5 to 10 of them in the powder. Now, pour some of the clarifying shampoo into the small bowl and then mix it into your vitamin C tablets. You have to get your hair damp and then simply apply the paste from the roots to the ends and then let it sit for approx 30 to 60 minutes before rinsing it. 

  • You can be able to wash your hair with the normal shampoo if you are facing issues while getting the paste out. 
  • It is another method that you can try for several days on end before you see a dramatic difference. 

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Final Verdict

So, these are some of the proven methods which help you to remove the black hair dye without damaging your hair. We hope that this article will become useful and helpful for you and if yes then do share this article with others so that they can be able to take the benefits from this article. Also, if you still have any queries or questions then feel free to connect with us by dropping a comment in the below-given comment section. 

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