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How to Treat and Prevent InGrown Hair Scars

Some of the hair removal methods may blunt the ends of your hair and make it hard to emerge through the skin. When the hair doesn’t emerge then it means that you are having ingrown hair. Due to this reason, ingrown hair and also the scars take place in the area that are shaved, waxed or tweezed. 

Ingrown hair scars resemble pimples or raised red bumps sometimes which don’t go away and also become tough to heal as well. So, here we are going to provide you with some tips that help you to fade them away at your home in a simple and easy manner. 

Fading Ingrown Hair Scars at Home


Ingrown Hair Scars

Ingrown hair scars form as part of the natural process of healing. You can simply follow the methods. 

Let It Heal First: You will get guaranteed success in treating the ingrown hair scars if you let the wound heal in a proper manner. You can also help the healing process by simply keeping the area clean and covered. Ensure that any of the signs of the infection are gone before focusing on the process of scar removal. DIY treatment is one of the effective methods if you use it on newly formed scars. There are lots of methods available that you can try to reduce or fade the minor grown hair scars. 


You can apply the sunscreen to simply keep your scar protected from the sun which helps it to fade in a quick manner. Sunscreen will also help to simply reduce the areas of red and brown discolouration. 

Green Tea

The compounds which are available in green tea are mainly known as catechins and they have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well. You need to try to place the moistened tea bag directly on the scan. You can also be able to buy the skin care products which are having the green tea extract. 

Aloe Vera

You can simply cut an aloe vera leaf directly from the plant and simply use the inside gel on the scar. Simply massage the gel in for some minutes regularly until the scar fades. You can also be able to buy the ready-made aloe vera gel from the grocery store. 

Onion Extract Gel

Onion extract has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds. Onion extract gel has proven effective in several research for scar reduction which also includes keloid scars.


Silicone sheets and the silicone gel were also found to be effective in reducing the appearance of the old and new scars which also include the keloid scars.

When At-Home Remedies Don’t Work

Not all ingrown hair scars will be treated by using the at-home treatment. In some cases, you will get the best results by consulting with a medical specialist like a dermatologist. Skincare and health professionals have lots of other options that you can simply consider to fade or remove the scars. 

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