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How to Wash Hair After Applying Henna?

After putting lots of effort to dye your hair with henna, you may be losing your patience and I understand your consent. Not as much will wait two to four hours for henna to penetrate the hair fiber and get the color you want but people don’t know when and how to wash hair after applying henna which we are going to learn inside this guide.

You will get a reward for your patience and today, you’ll get another gift that is tangible, useful, and can be able to bring a smile to your face. So, do you want to know about it?

You don’t need to take any special care at the time of washing your hair after applying the henna! As this natural coloring is long lasting. There are some products that you need to avoid like soap bars or dandruff shampoo. So, you may don’t have any issues while washing your hair. It is such a relief. 

How to Wash Hair After Applying Henna?

How to Wash Hair After Applying Henna

If you mainly used to color your hair with traditional permanent or semi-permanent dyes then you may hear that you had to avoid sulfate shampoos. With the help of henna, something different will happen. Neither sulfate nor parabens and nor moisturizing oils such as coconut or argan will degrade it. 

If you want to then you can wash your hair daily. Still, it is not a good idea but not due to henna. Instead to preserve your hair health, washing your hair every day will dry out the hair fiber and also produce the dreaded split ends. 

Today, we will reward your patience and also courage in dying your hair with henna. So, stay tuned to this article to know more. 

  • How and how often to wash henna colored hair? 
  • How often should you wash your henna colored hair?
  • What products to avoid when washing the henna colored hair? 

How to How Often To Wash Henna Colored Hair?

Are you planning to throw away your regular shampoo not which you have colored your hair with henna? You can do so if it is a dandruff shampoo and i will tell you why. 

If your shampoo is having sulfate, silicones, parabens, or some of the other additives then you can still be able to use it. Some hair products will be able to degrade henna. Washing your hair will be more simple. 

  • You need to wet your hair and then apply a generous amount of regular shampoo and then simply massage it into a good lather. 
  • Simply rinse and apply the regular conditioner and leave it for three minutes and then simply rinse it with water. 

Now, you may notice that your hair is drier since your colored it with henna. It is because henna is having astringent qualities. This is why when using shampoo and conditioner, it is good to select one which is having moisturizing oils like coconut, argan, or linen. You can also select a shampoo which is having the proteins like keratin. 

How Often Should You Wash Your Henna Colored Hair?

If you wash your hair daily then henna won’t fade as it is having accumulative powder. Washing your hair daily is not a good idea as you don’t give the scalp enough time to produce the sebum. Also, henna will dry out the hair and you will simply end up with hair fiber which is drier than the desert. 

I suggest you wash your henna hair every 48 or 72 hours to simply give your scalp time to moisturize your hair fiber naturally. Also, some products will affect the henna’s duration at the time of washing your hair and it is worth knowing about them. 

What Products To Avoid When Washing Henna Colored Hair?

As superman, henna is also having some weaknesses which are very few but can be harmful to your color. So, let’s see what they are. 

  • Soap Bar

As it is mainly designed for the skin, it is having alcohol and vitamin C which will fade henna. 

  • Baking Soda

Yes, some women use baking soda to simply remove the oil from the scalp. If you are one of them then look up the natural method to wash your hair as baking soda damage the hair fiber and also fades the henna as well. 

  • Dandruff Shampoo

Henna resists the sulfate of shampoo and it is not invincible against dandruff shampoo. That type of shampoo is having three times as many sulfates in addition to sodium, alcohol, and parabens. 

  • Ocean Shampoo

Simply leave the sea to surf or swim like a mermaid as ocean shampoo is having a large amount of sea salt. It also produces an oxidizing chemical reaction in your hair which removes your henna and also immediately break your hair. 

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Final Verdict

To take care of your henna colored hair, you have to wash your hair every 48 to 72 hours and use moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. Henna coloring is highly persistent as it will resist the erosion of sulfate, parabens, and silicones.

As it will tend to dry the hair fiber, we suggest you incorporate the moisturizing hair products which is having oils or keratin.

So, we hope now you know how to wash hair after applying henna and other related things inside this expert’s guide.

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