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How to Use Arappu Powder for Hair?

Before COVID appeared, someone offered me this green powder which is known as Arappu powder, and asked me to try to wash my hair with this and said that I will get cooked up on this. She was correct but I was not aware of how to use arappu powder for hair and now I know and I can teach you how to do that.

For the past 6 months, I have been using the same. I grew up using this shampoo powder which is Shikaki but recently I came across the mother of all shampoo powder which is known as Arappu powder as it is mainly called in Tamil language or Albizia Amara. 

How to Use Arappu Powder for Hair?

How to Use Arappu Powder for Hair

Arappu powder is mainly made up of the leaves of the Albizia Amara or Arappu tree which is mainly found in herbs and made up for conditioning your hair it is non-toxic and doesn’t have minerals oils, parabens, sulfates, silicons, artificial colors, or the added fragrance and it is proven to have lots of benefits. It is one of the new treasures for non-toxic lovers in the United States. 

Where is Arappu Powder Abundantly Made?

Albizia Amara tree is also known for using the tree it is mainly found in the small town which is known as Usilampatti in Southern India. With the chemical invasion of shampoos and soaps, we forgot the natural practices which were used by our ancestors. Arappu or Albizia powder for hair was their go-to routine at that time and they had the men enraptured by their wives’ tresses. 

I move on to the natural living of the past few years and research a lot on natural shampoo. On the quest for simple living and simple products to use. I stumbled upon the miraculous effect of Shikakai and Reetha but this powder is the master of all. 

In terms of getting closer to the truth about this magical powder, I reached out to my supplier Raj who is living in wet evergreen forest patches of the Western Ghats about his powder. He chuckled and said that Arappu leaves are mainly available there and get harvested in large quantities by the tribal woman.

With the increased outbreak of the animals who attach to the food crops, the tribal women left to work the wild cultivation for their livelihood. Due to the huge usage for hair washes and some of the other properties like the antibacterial, and antifungal of the tribal women who are involved in harvesting the arappu leaves. 

How is Arappu Powder Made?

The leaves are completely grown and plucked, sun-dried, and made into powder. So the powder removes the regime and oil gives the hair a beautiful shine. The arappu leaves mainly get plucked when they get tender as tea harvesting and sun-dried.

They are mainly washed off any of the dirt or soil on them and when they get dried then they are ground to a fine powder. My friend also said that the tribal women with Alibiza amara leave collect lots of other herbs like Shikakai, gooseberry, and tamarind in different seasons. Western ghats are rich biologically and located biogeographically in a unique terrain which will make them a veritable treasure house for the biodiversity 

Raj also ranked with the flippant tone that his mother is old and doesn’t have any grey hair yet. He also added that if you use arappu powder it is unlikely that your hair will simply start greying till you will reach very old age. 

Arappu Powder or Alibizia Amara Benefits

  • It helps you to get rid of hair fall. 
  • It gives soft, shiny, and lustrous hair. 
  • It is so cool for your hair and your body as well. 
  • You will easily get rid of dandruff in a complete manner. 

I am facing a serious hair fall before COVID and I attribute it to the general entrepreneurial stress and brush this aside.

When I got curious about this arappu powder, I started using it in the past 6 months and I can’t believe what it did with my hair.

My hair becomes so soft, moisturized, and looks so heavily conditioned without dousing my hair with chemicals. 

How to Use Arappu Powder For Hair?

  • You need to take 1-2 tbsp of Albizia amara powder into a bowl. 
  • Now, simply add some water to make it into the medium paste. 
  • Simply ensure that there are no mumps and then apply it on the wet hair it will start to lather mildly and remove the pil leaving the hair clean. 
  • Simply rinse off the powder. 

Feel the shine and softness in your hair now.

If You Are Oiling Your Hair:

If you oiled your hair then you can add up 2 tbsp of shikakai powder and 1 tbsp of arappu powder to simply make a medium paste with the water. Simply rinse them off when applied to the wet hair. 

  • Shikaki powder simply removes the extra oil which you have applied to your hair. 
  • Arappu powder will simply condition your hair and make it so soft and lustrous.

Arappu Powder for Hair Is Deemed As A Sustainable Hair Wash Alternative. Here is Why?

The arappu tree or the Usila tree mainly grows without as much water or fodder and withstands severe drought conditions. Like the neem tree, all of these trees are true treasures that are provided by mother earth and have lots of uses and every part of the tree is usable. Arappu leaves when dried and powdered are one of the wonderful hair conditioners. 

The gum will simply form the bark of the tree and can get used to making furniture and it also yields dark-colored wood. The tree also produces gum which is used to simply fight ulcers. The fruit when consumes is a wonderful cure to simply wade off malaria and cough. The leaves are one of the best fodder for livestock and also one of the fantastic nutrients for crops. 

Where Can You Get Arappu Powder or Albizia Amara Powder?

If you are willing to get your hands on this powder then you can connect with us by using the comment section. When you commend them, they will cater to you as soon as possible.

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So we hope now you know how to use arappu powder for hair and what are the benefits of arappu powder on your hair. So if you still have any queries or feedback then do share your queries in the comment section below. 

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