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How Much Hair Dye Do I Need to Apply to my Hair?

Before you start dying your hair at your home, you are required to ensure that you know how many ounces of hair dye you need to have to simply prevent any type of mishaps. So, you are having your box of hair dye, brush, mixing bowl, and also all the other stuff which is required to color your hair at your home. 

But, you have made a miscalculation and now, you are running out of hair dye. You can’t be able to leave your hair all done and it is quite improbable that you will get a new box dye and simply apply it to simply cover your undyed tresses.

How Much Hair Dye Do I Need to Apply to my Hair?

How Much Hair Dye Do I Need

So, it is always good to know how many ounces of hair dye you require before applying it to your licks. You also need to get the ratio of the developer to the cream or also the lotion. Otherwise, you may simply end up with several colors than what you wanted. 

How Many Ounces of Hair Dye Do You Need?

The ounces of hair due which you need completely depend on the length and also thickness of your hair. On average, people need approx. 3 to 4 oz of hair dye to simply cover their heads. If you are having short hair like bobs or pixies or long hair which reaches the mid or below your waist then you may need everything from 2 oz to 8 oz. 

  • How Much Hair Dye Do I Need For Long Hair?

The trickiest thing is to simply get the ounces of hair dye for the long hair as long as required. It means that you are having hair that falls a few inches below your shoulders, waist-length hair, or also the hair which reaches below your waist. When I am growing out my hair and looking to color it at home then I have three 2 oz boxes of the hair dye. 

My philosophy is that it is good if there is a bit leftover as you will distribute it on your hair for a more intense shade. You don’t need the fall short of the hair dye as the consequences will be so irritating. 

If you are willing to get the exact estimate on the ounces of the hair dye you need to check out the below-given steps. 

  • For long hair which reaches 2- inches below the shoulder, you have to use nearly 4 oz of hair dye. 
  • For hair that reaches 5-8 inches below your shoulder, you have to use 8 oz of hair dye to be on the safe side. 

  • How Much Hair Dye Do I Need For Short Hair?

If you are having short hair then you may need to have 2oz to 3oz of hair dye even if you are willing to cover your head completely. If you are having really thick hair then you may need to bite more. 2oz-3oz is enough for me when I have a low which reaches a few inches below my chin. 

Sometimes, there is a hair dye left over and I suggest you use a single box dye to simply avoid wastage. Short haired folks will simply go for the single 2.5oz hair coloring kit if they are willing to use the semi-permanent hair dye. It needs to be enough to cover the hair. 

  • How Much Hair Dye Do I Need For Medium Length Hair

I consider hair that is shoulder length 1-2 inches longer to be medium length. This length of hair is so tricky as you will get the wrong amount of air dye. You may think that your hair is on the shorter side and think that a single box is getting enough or you may go overboard and buy the two boxes to be left with lots of hair dye in the bowl. 

I suggest you use 3 to 4 oz of hair dye for this type of hair length. You can simply buy the 2 smaller boxes of hair due to simply reach the 4ox if your hair is on the thicker side. Also, you can buy a large box of 3oz and simply use it to cover all the hair.

Lots of people do not factor into the hair thickness when they consider the ounces of hair dye they want. It is one of the important factors as the thickness affects the hair’s ability to simply absorb the dye properly. 

If you are willing to determine if you have thick hair, thin hair, or medium-thickness strands then you can simply be able to use the regular hair tie to check out. Tie your hair with the scrunchie or the tie after collecting your locks into the ponytail.

If you wrap the hair tie on your locks several times then it means that you are having thin hair. If the hair tie doesn’t go beyond the single tie or feels tight after the two then you are having thick hair. 

Also, if you are able to warp up the hair tie twice in a comfortable manner then your hair is having a medium thickness into it. 

  • How Much Hair Dye Do I Need For Thick Hair?

Thick hair is tough to color due to its volume and other than that, it also poses lots of challenges as well. Selecting the correct amount of hair dye for thick hair will be tough as you may know if your hair is that thick or not.

Thick hair on short hair is so deceptive as you may end up buying the 2oz hair dye bottle and realize that it is not at all enough to cover up the thick locks. Thick hair strands don’t allow the dye pigments to penetrate them in an easy manner.

So, you may need more hair dye to simply get the correct share of the color. If you are having thick hair but having a short hairstyle then you have to take 2.5oz or 3 oz of hair dye to be careful. 

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Final Verdict

So, it may be clear to you all how much hair dye is required to dye your hair. If yes, then do share this useful guide with others so that they can be able to take advantage of this article.

Also, if in case you have trouble and have any questions then you can simply connect with us by simply dropping a comment in the below-given comment section.

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