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How Long Can Hair Dye Last After Mixed?

How Long Can Hair Dye Last After Mixed – Whether you are willing to take your hair game to the next level or willing to save on the salon bills, at-home color is one of the best options for you. It may be tempting to experiment and also take your time when you color your hair but it may be more harmful than good. 

So, before you start coloring your hair, you have to check out this detailed guide so that you can be able to avoid hair disaster. Whether you are coloring your hair for the first time or not, you need to ensure that you are having enough time to simply apply the mix to your hair. Do you know that you can’t be able to mix the hair color formulas until they become ready to use?

How Long Can Hair Dye Last After Mixed?

How Long Can Hair Dye Last After Mixed

The question is how long can hair dye last after being mixed? The answer is that the formulas in the hair colors whether it is permanent or semi-permanent will cause the oxidation process which is required to penetrate the hair shaft. When you mixed the hair dye then it will only last for 30 minutes. After half an hour, the mixed hair dye will not be effective and it needs to be tossed. 

Why Does The Mixed Hair Dye Only Last Half an Hour?

For your hair dye to work properly manner, it requires to undergo a chemical reaction. Your hair dye is having online derivatives and alkalizing agents which will react with the developer or hydrogen peroxide which will cause oxidation. The oxidation process needs the hair color to simply penetrate your hair shaft. Generally, the peroxide chemically reacts with oxygen. 

The color mixture is having a lifespan of half an hour whether you applied the mix to the hair or not. When you mix the hair color and developer together, you have to use it within half an hour to get the best results. Using mixed hair due after an hour or 24 hours will lead to a hair disaster. If you think that half an hour is not enough for dyeing your own hair then it is good to take help from professionals. 

If you are having shorter hair then only take the best product which you will use to simply avoid waste. You can also keep the unmixed product which is the hair color and the developer if you store them in their own containers.

If you store the unmixed product in an airtight container and in a room temperature then it will mainly last up to two months. Also, if the product is unopened completely then it will last up to three years which depends upon the expiration date. 

What Does The Developer Do In The Hair Coloring Process?

The developer or the peroxide provides the chemical reaction into the hair dye which allow it to penetrate your hair shaft and also the color itself to simply develop. Depending upon the color of your hair dye, the developer will make the base color lighter or darker. Most of the time, it is the strength of the peroxide which will change the mixture. 

You need to select the developer strength which depends upon how many levels you are required to lift. It is one of the things which you should not experiment with unless you are a pro. For the standard hair coloring, mixing an equal amount of the hair color and also the developer is quite good. If you mix the unequal amount then you will simply notice that the reaction of the chemicals and the color results are different. 

For the instance, using more developers than the hair due will provide you the paler color results and it will lighten the color but will not deposit enough dye in your hair. On the other side, using less developer will simply lessen the penetration of the dye in your hair shaft as the mixture is not enough to open up the hair cuticle. 

What You Should Know Before Coloring Your Hair?

  • Read Labels and Follow Instructions Carefully

At the time of selecting an at-home hair coloring kit, make sure not to rely on the color of the box. As per the experts, the developer in at-home permanent hair color is quite stronger than the ones which are used by the stylist at the salon. 

Expiration dates and instructions are for the reason mainly if you are using chemical-based hair dye. Instead of taking risks, simply save your hair from damage by simply following the procedure on your hair color kit. It is mainly true if you use different brands of hair color as every product has its own specification. 

  • Section Your Hair Before Preparing the Mix

Sectioning your hair mainly the cap highlight will take some time. When you mixed your hair color then it only lasts for 30 minutes and it makes sense to the section of your hair first. So, you need to have enough time to simply apply the mix to your hair. When you are all set then you can simply prepare the mixture and apply it to your dry and unwashed hair.

If you are covering the gray hair then you can simply prepare half of the mixture and simply apply it to the roots. As per the experts, it is good to apply the dye from the back by simply going to the front to simply avoid patchy results. 

  • Use All Plastic or All Wood Everything and Skip Metals

Do you know that the metal will interfere with the process of oxidation of your hair dye? In fact, metals, hair clips, bowls, spatulas, or palettes will cause the color to simply oxidize and damage your hair. It is mainly true when you mix the dyes and developers and you need to opt for plastic spoons and wooden bowls. 

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Final Verdict

So, these are some of the details which help you to get a proper answer about how long can hair dye last after being mixed. We hope that this article is useful and helpful for you to get a proper answer to your question. If yes then do share this article on “How Long Can Hair Dye Last After Mixed” with others so that they can be able to take benefit from this article.

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