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Ginger Hair Color Dye – How to Get Fiery Orange Look?

Ginger Hair Color Dye – Ginger hair is one of the trendiest things in the whole world at this time and it’s not surprising for you if you want some of the red-headed action. The question is how you get the look if your hair is not this colored naturally. Ginger hair dye is a thing that already exists. 

Don’t worry as we are having all the tips and tricks which help you to get the red look at your home. If you are looking for a new style or willing to get some fun color in your life then this article is best for you.

Doesn’t matter that you have brown hair or blonde locks, we will show you which hair dye is best suited for your complexion so that you can be able to get the most suitable for you.

Ginger Hair Color Dye

Ginger Hair Color Dye

There are some tips about how to ensure that your dye ends last longer than usual. 

What is Ginger Hair?

It is the mic of the different hues and shades between brown, orange, amber, and red. This glossy shade is mainly found on people who are having natural red, blonde or burnt orange hair. This eye-catching natural color mainly comes from the natural pigmentation of the skin which is melanin which mainly determines if you will burn when it’s too hot outside or not. 

It is completely possible to dye your hair and this color as well. You can get the semi-permanent or permanent orange hair dye in several shades which range from light support to bright mango. It seems so amazing as the base for the blonde highlights, pink highlights, and the dark warm lowlights or the auburn or the chocolate brown. 

Can I Dye My Hair Ginger at Home?

Yes, and there are lots of spicy red and orange box dyes which can simply help you to get the look. This color is mainly talked about more and more and as the trend becomes popular, people are looking for methods to dye their hair burnt orange hue without having the fake or brassy look. There are some of the best permanent and semi permanent hair dye which will simply help you to get the fiery hue without looking like a faded mess. 

Which are the Best Ginger Hair Dyes?

If you are looking to become a flame haired goddess then you have to find yourself a good copper, auburn or orange, or ginger hair color hair dye. Red hair dye is mainly not orange toner and you have to take your base color into account to get it correct. Always make a strand test to simply determine what color will look like on your hair as compared to the picture in the box. 

  • Schwarzkopf Live Intense Colour, Mango Twist

They Say:

  • It gives a fiery tone along with the perfect depth. 
  • It has an in-built vibrancy serum along with vitamins and oils. 
  • It gives a stunning shine to your hair. 
  • It also gives up to 70% gray hair coverage. 

We Say:

We use this delicious sounding mango twist on the light blonde hair which is balayage. We left it for 30 minutes as suggested and the coverage is also great it is quite bright ginger and not patchy and makes the most of the natural balayage highlight. It starts to fade fast after some washes by the warm auburn and it is not bad at all. 

  • Garnier Olia Copper Hair Dye Permanent

They Say:

  • It is the vivid bright hair color that is powered by oil, Olia provides a vivid bright hair color that is ammonia free and it infuses and nourishes your hair for a beautiful and healthy shine. 
  • Nourishing Hair Care – It is ammonia free and smells nice and Olia is all about the infuses and nourishing your hair and improving the quality of your hair with every use., 
  • All about the Oil: Lia is one of the best hair dye to use the oil due to its main ingredients. It gives gorgeous and healthy hair which will infuse nutrients and also shines with brilliance. 

We Say: 

I use this hair dye with the highlighter to simply lighten my dark brown roots and they give such an awesome result. Our hair felt soft and also well conditioned and had an awesome vibrancy which made us feel more refreshed than usual. 

  • L’Oreal Preference Infinia, Mango Intense

They Say:

  • From the experts in the fade dying hair color, they come up with these powerful direct dyes for the show-stopping gorgeous colors. 
  • The color extender will also help you to keep your beautiful look longer and stronger than earlier. 

We Say:

This product only leaves our hair shiny but also gives it a lustrous shine. We use this on the lightened locks which may result in deeper and vibrant hues. It is a little drying and you have to make sure to follow up with the conditioner or risk having brittle strands and it will take two boxes for the overall coverage.

  • Garnier Nutrisse Light Natural Copper Permanent Hair Dye

They Say:

  • It gives a long-lasting color performance. 
  • It has a rich color and silky and shiny hair. 
  • It nourishes and protects you against hair dryness for up to eight weeks. 
  • It gives a fresh and fruity fragrance. 

We Say:

We try one out on the light brown dyed hair and after washing it, the ginger tone is really subtle and we can’t get a vibrant color like on the box. It is slightly redder than expected but it gives a lovely deep ginger red shade. If you are looking for something subtle then you must go for it. 

  • Clairol Nice n Easy Creme, Golden Auburn

They Say:

  • It gives a permanent color that looks so natural. 
  • It is a blend of three tones. 
  • It highlights conditioners at every step. 
  • It is a nice and easy creme on the hair and scalp because of its oil-infused color. 

We Say:

It is a beautiful and toned copper tone and the box doesn’t say ginger on it but you will get it. It mainly worked so well on the dark blonde caramel hair color and provided the best result and it created a luxurious hue at the time by lending some gold undertones to simply keep the interesting things. After a few washes by the shampoo, the dye will begin fading towards yellow and you may need to top it up regularly to simply keep the ginger-orange tone on your hair. 

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Final Verdict

So, that’s it for this article. The secret to getting the gorgeous Ginger Hair Color Dye is at your fingertips and you don’t need to worry about having red-hair genes or the costly appointments at salons.

Simply pick up the correct hue for you and simply let your inner goddess glow.

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